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ProAddiction is the healthiest hair straightening product on the market today.

It actively restores protein to the hair, healing any damage to make it stronger and, as the hair grows out in its natural, untreated state, the treatment can safely be repeated. Because it is washed out of the hair before styling, the treatment leaves no residue and there is no after-care or lifestyle change required to maintain the treatment: clients can style their hair any way they like, and even go in the pool or the sea without compromising the ProAddiction effect.

PROADDICTION ProAddiction Hydrating Mask 250ml $47.28 CAD $54.58 CAD
PROADDICTION ProAddiction Hydrating Mask 500ml $78.78 CAD $83.98 CAD
PROADDICTION ProAddiction Hydrating Mask 90ml $26.28 CAD $31.48 CAD