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AVANTI ULTRA 1 Inch Nano Titanium Flat Croc

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About This Product

New version Avanti Ultra CROC flat iron powered by CROC?ßwith Higher Temperature to 450??F. This top Croc hair straightener for the ultimate styling performance.?ßCan be used on wet, damp or dry hair. For the ultimate performance.

Combining nano-titanium, nano-ceramic, nano-silver and built-in ion generator, top-of-the-line nano-silver and nano-titanium plates creates a variety of hair styles in seconds.?ß

Note: When iron is power on, slight buzzing sound will be noticed. It is normal sound from electric current and won't affect iron's normal performance.


  • 1-3/8" (35mm) plates with "surround" heat offer versatility for creating a variety of styles
  • Wet to Dry Technology - Ventilating holes and special channels specifically engineered to release steam
  • Heats up to 450??F / 232??C (previously 430??F/220??C), dries and styles hair super quickly!
  • Advanced digital displays and controls
  • Far-infrared heat and millions of negative ions minimize damage to hair while conditioning it.
  • Nano-ceramic element heats up quickly, maintains stable high temperatures and cools down rapidly.
  • New and unique ergonomic design is lightweight and strain-free.
  • Ventilating holes also circulate negative ions generated by the built-in ion generator
  • Cutting-edge digital temperature controls are strategically located to prevent accidental activation.
  • Nano-technology is applied to three powerful materials (titanium, ceramic and silver) in Avanti Ultra's two new CROC flat irons, making them the top of the line for performance and speed.
  • Built-in turbo ion generator emits 5 million negative ions per cubic centimeter.
  • Nano-titanium in the plates is an exceptional conductor of heat and maintains stability at ultra-high temperatures. Nano-titanium emits negative ions in their most beneficial form and yields far-infrared heat for faster straightening and protection from damage.
  • Nano-ceramic emits negative ions in the largest quantity possible, quickly sealing the cuticle layer and eliminating frizz for smooth, silky hair. Maximum far infrared heat is released, penetrating the hair from within for gentle styling without damage.
  • Safety and energy-efficient feature Èö the iron auto shuts-off after 60 minutes of inactivity
  • Professional 10 ft (3m) tangle-free 360?? swivel cord
  • Safety and energy-efficient feature - the iron shuts-off after 60 minute of inactivity
  • Universal voltage 100-240V for worldwide use
  • One year warranty

Use Tips

Press and HOLD the power button for five seconds to turn on or turn off power.