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BlackWolf - Sonic Scrubber

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About This Product

Guys, throw away your disgusting loofah, it’s not manly and it’s gross. Meet your new shower buddy, the Black Wolf Sonic Scrubber. With its telescopic and detachable handle, it’s been designed to reach all angles of your body and face super easy plus this baby is rechargeable, lasts for 3 hrs of use and it's waterproof.


- Charcoal Infused Soft Silicone Brush: Charcoal Infused Clinical-Grade Silicone Bristles Deeply Clean Skin While Softly Exfoliating, Leaving Your Face And Body Feeling Smooth And Soft. Safe & Effective For All Skin Types.
- Snap On Snap Off Handle: 12" Handle Attachment Helps You Target Those Hard To Reach Areas On Your Body
- Sonic Vibration Technology: 4 Vibration Settings Help Remove The Dirty, Dead Skin, And Back Acne
- Rechargeable Battery: Up To 3 Hours Of Battery Life And Charge With USB Cord
- Ultra-Hygienic: Antibacterial Silicone Bristles Make It 35x More Hygienic Than Regular Nylon Brushes, No More Harsh Gem-Filled Towels And Scrubbers That Introduce Harmful Bacteria
- Easy-To-Use: Add Any Cleansing Product To The Bristles And With A Press Of A Button, The Ultrasonic Waves Massage Gently Onto Skin

How To Use
1. Charge it
2. Apply Black Wolf product of choice directly to the bristles
3. Press the button for different speeds
4. Scrub away!